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Welcome to MessageShuttle

MessageShuttle offers free telephone recording and dictationSimply set up a free account and dial the access number to record messages.  All recorded messages will be emailed directly to you in compact .wav file format.  MessageShuttle is perfect for recording conference calls, personal notes, dictation or any type of telephone conversation.  Telephone touch tones can be used to control record, play, pause, rewind and fast forward functions.

Benefits and Features

  • Record conference calls using 3-way calling on your existing telephone
  • Personal notes and reminders delivered to your email address
  • Dictation reports 
  • Group announcements emailed to your entire group
  • Personal voicemail sent as compact .wav file
  • Email or FTP delivery
  • Secure encryption using optional software
  • Control record functions including play, pause, rewind and fast forward

Sign up for a free MessageShuttle account today.  It is easy-to-use and it is free.

bulletFree Account Signup
Sign up for a free account.  Record messages and have them emailed directly to your email address.