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MessageShuttle Demo

The best way to demo MessageShuttle is to sign up for a free account. However, you can also demo MessageShuttle by calling (866) 661-2754 and entering the user ID 0101. This will let you access the demo system in dictate mode. Use the following touch tone functions to control the dictation functions.

Press 2: to record 
Press 4: to pause 
Press 3: to rewind 
Press 1: to play back 
Press 7: to fast forward 
Press 8: to move to beginning of file 
Press 6: to move to end of file 
Press 5: to save the dictation 
Press 9: to abort the dictation

Once you have recorded your test files, you can download a copy of the voice files. To access the voice files, log on to:
user name: free130
password: sample

Note: Select "All Files" from the "Display" drop down list to view transcribed documents.

(Allow about 10 minutes for the files to appear on this site.)